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Whether you are a coach or an athlete, our data-enhanced, custom-optimized platform will take your game to the next level.

Elite, Customized Training

Elite, Customized Training

Whether from our world class trainers or from your coach, your workouts will be built and customized specifically for you and your goals

Data Tracking

Data Tracking

Results from every workout are captured to track your progress and adapt future workouts based on your strengths and weaknesses

Leader boards and Rankings

Leaderboards and Rankings

See how your results stack up against teammates and view your progress over time

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At Bridge, we are all athletes and coaches first. As athletes, our team has experienced everything from riding the pine on JV, to winning NCAA championships, to competing in the Olympic Games. As coaches, we have helped countless athletes reach their full potential, winning everything from age group section championships to Olympic Gold Medals.

In our line of work, every day is a blast as we work to create a product that we wish we had when we competed. Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives by placing a powerful tool in our pockets. Among other things, this tool has changed the way we navigate, changed the way we communicate and changed the way we transact. At Bridge we are now using this tool to change the way athletes train.

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Blog Posts

The Importance of Inter-set Rest in Strength Gains


Strength training is shown to provide many benefits for elite athletes including, but not limited to: increased muscle endurance, hypertrophy and increased muscular strength. The specifics of a strength program are extremely important to monitor. In addition to the already well researched and stressed details of repetition numbers and weight load, rest intervals can help you reach your specific strength training goals. Keep reading to find out how varying rest intervals can be utilized for the specific muscle adaptations of muscular endurance, hypertrophy and muscular strength.


How to use your Lactate Threshold to your Advantage in Training

runner road

Throughout my collegiate swim career my coaches and trainers would often bring up the concept of “Lactate Threshold”. I would nod my head having an idea of what they were referring to, but didn’t fully understand the physiology behind this concept. After taking an Exercise Physiology class my 5th year at UC Berkeley, I finally understood this principle and learned its importance in elite level athletics. This post will explain what Lactate Threshold (LT) is and how you can use it to your advantage in training. READ MORE

Nick’s Video Series – March Wrap-Up


Bridge coaches and athletes, it is great to have you back. This week is our last episode of the Collegiate Championship Series where we highlighted swimming and diving, and basketball content. In this video we are going to focus on four exercises aimed at improving performance during this vital stretch of the season. The Cat/Dog is an excellent warmup movement when faced with increased travel, hotels, and racing. The mainset exercise is the TRX Atomic Pushup, a great unloaded, full-body, plyometric exercise. Next, we move on to the Side V-Up, a core exercise aimed to help with turns and underwaters. The Lying Figure-4 stretch will wrap up today’s workout, which is great for post-travel and post-competition recovery. READ MORE

Which Sports Drink is best for Athletes?


Lemon-lime, Fruit punch, Cool Blue, Pomegranate-Berry, Grape- the list goes on. Today, sports drinks come in endless flavors, dozens of brands and various sizes-making it a task choosing which one. The sports drink industry continues to grow, providing many different options for the elite athlete. From the low or zero calorie options to new brands growing in popularity, the market is larger than ever.


Nick’s Video Series – March Madness

Nick's March Madness

March truly is a crazy month. The nation is a buzz with even the president filling out his own bracket. I am going to be highlighting areas such as post-competition recovery and best practices for travel. These areas are especially important during March Madness, where the teams that can best adapt are generally the teams that find themselves in the winner’s circle. I have chosen a few exercises that can help athletes with this quick competition turnaround. The first is the Lying Abduction / Adduction, a contrasting movement warmup exercise. The main exercise for today is the body-weight band squat, excellent for developing quick hip speed. To recover from today’s workout, I have chosen the Scorpion stretch, a great way to release tension in your hips. READ MORE

How Olympic Lifts Translate to Athletics


Elite athletes incorporate Olympic lifts and lift variations such as power cleans, hang cleans, and power snatches into their strength training because these exercises boost athletic performance. This style of lifting offers many benefits for a variety of athletic endeavors—ranging from tackles in football to dives in swimming. Olympic-style lifting is neither daunting nor dangerous when executed properly; rather it is an opportunity to increase strength, speed, and power in your sport. Take a moment to learn how Olympic lifts can maximize your training potential and performance.


Nick’s Video Series – The Collegiate Championships Part II


Bridge coaches and athletes, it is truly great to have you back. March is one of my favorite months of the year, due to the excitement and passion that surrounds NCAA Swimming + Diving Championships and March Madness. In today’s video, I have chosen to include a series of exercises designed to help prepare you for peak performance and to assist in battling through the taper blues. First is the TRX Balance Lunge. I have chosen this single-leg stability exercise as the warmup for today’s workout. The plyometric exercise, the Dumbbell Jump Shrug, is a great loaded triple-extension exercise for all level athletes. The recovery exercise for today is the pigeon stretch. This movement will help you properly recover from the legwork and increase flexibility around the hip capsule. READ MORE

How Exercise Increases Cognition


Most people know that working out is a great way to stay fit, healthy and happy. Additionally, and lesser known, physical activity helps increase cognition. When you exercise your heart- you exercise your brain! Previous studies involving exercise and cognition were focused on decreasing the risk of dementia in the elderly. However, with new technological advances, there is more research showing the cognitive benefits of exercise at all ages. In this post, we will explore these new advances and how they translate to the positive influence on cognition and brainpower.