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Whether you are a coach or an athlete, our data-enhanced, custom-optimized platform will take your game to the next level.

Elite, Customized Training

Elite, Customized Training

Whether from our world class trainers or from your coach, your workouts will be built and customized specifically for you and your goals

Data Tracking

Data Tracking

Results from every workout are captured to track your progress and adapt future workouts based on your strengths and weaknesses

Leader boards and Rankings

Leaderboards and Rankings

See how your results stack up against teammates and view your progress over time

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At Bridge, we are all athletes and coaches first. As athletes, our team has experienced everything from riding the pine on JV, to winning NCAA championships, to competing in the Olympic Games. As coaches, we have helped countless athletes reach their full potential, winning everything from age group section championships to Olympic Gold Medals.

In our line of work, every day is a blast as we work to create a product that we wish we had when we competed. Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives by placing a powerful tool in our pockets. Among other things, this tool has changed the way we navigate, changed the way we communicate and changed the way we transact. At Bridge we are now using this tool to change the way athletes train.

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Blog Posts

How to Stay Safe in the Heat of Summer


Summer is here and with it comes the occasional triple digit heat in my hometown of Walnut Creek, CA. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. This past week’s heat wave got me thinking more about the difficulties that go along with exercising in hot temperatures. Whether you are a football player, track athletic or a year-round swimmer, it is extremely important to consider the environment in which you train. READ MORE

Muscle Fiber Types and Their Adaptations Through Training

muscle fiber types

Building muscle is essential to all sports. From gymnastics to swimming to basketball, developing muscle will improve strength, stamina and performance. However, compare Nastia Liukin to Michael Phelps to Lebron James and you find that their muscle compositions are very different. Each of these Olympians has found a way to build not just muscle, but also the right muscle on their journey to Gold. When looking to increase muscle mass it is important to make sure you are training the correct type of muscle fiber specific to your sport and event READ MORE

Omega-3 Fatty Acids–What are they and why are they good for you?


Have you ever heard someone talking about how great omega-3s are for your body? Have you seen fish oil and other supplements boasting omega-3 nutritional benefits? I have and because of these claims I made sure to incorporate these fatty acids in my diet throughout college. Looking back, I realized that I didn’t know exactly why I was so adamant about making sure I got in my omega-3s. Back then, I had not done any research on the topic and relied on others claims to fuel my salmon and flax seed consumption. That was the past, and now I have done the appropriate research and am ready to explain to you why you should consume omega-3s and how these fatty acids can improve your athletic performance.


Peripheral Fatigue–What’s happening and why?

tired-athlete-150x150 copy

Ever been nearing the end of an intense practice and you find your muscles seem to be quitting on you? You begin to question whether or not you will be able to physically finish that last lap, sprint or squat. As an elite athlete, you find a way to finish the practice as best you can—through any means. It is not uncommon for athletes to experience this feeling in a practice or race on a semi-regular basis. But what is happening to make your muscles feel like they are rebelling against you? It’s the process of peripheral fatigue.


Massage Therapy and its Benefits for Athletes


Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue and has many benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. When used correctly, this mechanical pressure can help improve performance, accelerate recovery, and increase overall well-being. In this post, I will explore the benefits that massage can yield and quickly outline different types of therapy.


Eat Breakfast. It will keep you lean, happy and performing well.


We’ve all heard it: “Eat your breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day!” A breakfast-lover myself, I never understood why someone would skip this nutritious and delicious meal. But then I entered college and experienced the rushed mornings that make it harder (not impossible) to prepare and eat a well-balanced breakfast. Athlete nutrition is not only about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also about fueling the body for intense training sessions, competition and proper recovery. This post is aimed at reminding athletes that one of the easiest ways to keep their mind and body healthy is to start the day with a healthy breakfast. The benefit to eating breakfast outweighs any perceived reason not to. With a little planning and mindfulness about your morning fuel source, you will be on your way to replenishing glycogen stores, improving your weight management and enhancing your concentration and cognition. If you’re already a breakfast champion, read on to find out what professional athletes are eating in the A.M. to see how you compare!


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and How it Affects your Performance


I will never forget my first swimming dry land workout in high school, my first jump-rope circuit workout at Cal (thanks Nick Folker!), or my first half Ironman triathlon race. I remember these workouts/races not because of how I felt that day, but because how I felt in the days to follow. During that time, I was so sore that even rolling over to turn my alarm clock off was difficult. This pain wasn’t a result of a poor night’s sleep, it was DOMS-Delayed onset muscle soreness.


Coconut Water: Is it worth the craze?

zico vitacoco

Coconut water has increased in popularity among athletes in recent years. From post workout rehydration to a quenching beverage on a warm afternoon, coconut water sales have doubled since 2011. Popular brands such as Vita Coco® and Zico® sell their water through slogans like “Natural OOMPH” and their emphasis on the drinks’ pure and natural nature. It also helps that pop culture magazines blow up celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian buying Vita Coco® at the store. Whatever the reason for this newest craze, there is no doubt that coconut water has something to offer elite athletes if mixed in their daily hydration routine. READ MORE